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WCF Volunteer

Volunteer & Celebrate at World Culture Festival!!

We invite you to be a part of history at the World Culture Festival 2023 in Washington, DC! Please fill out the form below if you'd like to volunteer. Enter your availability and preference to volunteer either remotely, locally, or to be a full time intern on the ground in Washington D.C. 


What contributing to this vision can do for you: 

  • Be a service leader and affect real social change

  • Network with thousands of young people

  • Experience the power of breathwork & meditation


Duration (flexible options available):

1. Full time (40 hrs/ week) (in person)

2. Part time (10+ hrs/ week) (in person/remote option)

3. Weekdays and/or  Weekends (in person/remote)  

Deadline to Apply:

Rolling basis until Sept 6 deadline

Prereqs:- SKY Happiness Retreat prior or upon arrival


– Scholarships availble for SKY Happiness Retreat  


Kelsi, 603.508.1570

Harry, 551.208.2749

America Meditates

As we organize one of the most diverse and inclusive festivals in the world; it's a platform for a mental health initiative to boost everyone's mental resilience and thriving self, called:  America Meditates. 


America Meditates is utilizing the expertise of thousands of certified SKY Breath Meditation instructors to offer complimentary breathwork, meditation and social connection workshops to boost mental thriving and happiness.  RSVP for yourself or set them up for your community:




SKY Campus Happiness is one of the leading programs for mental health for young people and is joining forces with the Art of Living Foundation to launch this mental health initiative leading up to WCF 2023. 

America Meditates: JOIN A MOVEMENT of meditation and transformation in society. 


The World Culture Festival keeps getting more exciting! We have 250,000+ people confirmed already to come for the World Culture Festival, plus you! 


SKY Campus Happiness and the Art of Living is here to make life a celebration. It has provided people and communities with powerful ways to let go of stress, uproot the seeds of violence and aggression, and reconnect with themselves and with each other.


Come and experience this live online session,

RSVP for your Zoom workshop! 


World Culture Festival 2023

The World Culture Festival is a global event series, that was born out of inspiration: a vision to create a celebration that reflected both the world’s unity and incredible diversity. It is an unforgettable cultural extravaganza, that aims to build a more compassionate and harmonious society by bringing the people of the world together in celebration. 

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