A Comprehensive Well-Being Program for Faculty & Administrators

What is the SKY Meditation Retreat?

Our minds remain constantly engaged in deep rational and analytical thinking, which goes beyond office hours. Taking time away from work is not a luxury, but rather a necessity to reset our brains. The meditation and breathing techniques taught in the SKY Meditation Retreat gives that calm and clear state of mind, great for a beginner of meditation or advanced meditator alike.


Techniques imparted in the retreat increases self-awareness and enhance work-life integration that contributes to physical and mental wellbeing. The SKY Meditation Retreat offer tools and techniques which can help gain a calm and relaxed state of mind, even in stressful moments for handling complex scientific information at work.

The SKY Meditation Retreat (Online) offers an in-depth experience of effortless meditation, breathwork, yoga, and more.


SKY Meditation, which is taught in the retreat uses cyclical, rhythmic patterns of breath to easily bring the mind and body into a state of meditation. Research has shown that SKY may reduce depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, and addictive behaviors. It significantly increases feelings of well-being, optimism, and mental focus and improves emotional regulation.

Program Objectives and Benefits

Learn a powerful evidence-based meditation that allows your mind to be balanced and centered.

Experience and practice tools and techniques  to sustain personal wellbeing and mental health

Experience the effortless power of breathing techniques in effectively managing stress & energy.

Cultivate the power of enhancing acceptance and dissolving negative emotions.

Learn new frameworks for dealing with stressful situations, enhancing restfulness  & managing time.

Integrate core practices into your daily life to enhance a sense of calm and focus.

Program Logistics

  • SKY Meditation Retreat is presented and hosted online (during COVID-19)

  • 3 days - 3 hours (often Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Live certified instructor-led online interactive sessions + orientation

  • You can access the live sessions anywhere with an internet connection

  • Attendance is mandatory for all session on the retreat

  • Complete pre-and post-session surveys

The SKY Meditation retreat is done in a group-setting which enables learning and exchanging ideas. It's conducted online and can be joined from the comfort of home!


​No prior meditation experience is needed to learn SKY Breath Meditation. Our programs are equally effective and powerful for beginners and advanced meditators.


Our programs are custom-tailored to your team and department so anyone can participate and benefit from SKY. We've taught faculty, Deans, directors, advisors, wellness professionals, sports coaches, HR professionals, counselors, and more.

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