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A Comprehensive Well-Being Program for University Populations

SKY Campus Happiness is a comprehensive biopsychosocial program tailored for university populations – students, faculty, and staff – offered by the International Association for Human Values and Art of Living Foundation and designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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SKY Happiness Retreat
SKY Happiness Retreat

Our flagship program. A powerful well-being program taught over 3 consecutive days (3 sessions).

(offered on-campus and online)


  • Evidence-based breathwork and meditation - SKY Breath Meditation

  • Social connection

  • Mindful leadership and light yoga

  • Emotional intelligence training

SKY Breath Meditation and the 3-session Retreat have been shown in research to significantly reduce anxiety and depression, lower stress markers, and increase wellbeing, focus, improved sleep, optimism, and social connection.


Participants report an increased ability to stay calm, confident, and resilient amidst challenges, increased levels of social connection and feelings of inclusion, and less suicidal feelings.

Upcoming Retreats

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students practicing alternate nostril breathing
Sri Sri with Stephanie Rand
Group of students and Annelies Richmond outside
group doing yoga in sunset
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Advanced Programs
Advanced Programs
SKY Silent Retreat

An immersive 3-4 day retreat for graduates of the SKY Happiness Retreat

(offered on-campus and online)


  • 3-4 days of guided silence

  • Evidence-based breathwork

  • Advanced meditation practices

  • Mindful action, yoga, and contemplation.

On this all-day retreat, participants release deep stress and fatigue, develop a deeper understanding of their own patterns of thought and behavior, and dive into self-exploration and purpose.

Upcoming Retreats

SKY Silent Retreats
Meditation & Breathwork Facilitator Certification Trainings 
SKY Leadership Training

An advanced leadership program that empowers student leaders

(offered on-campus and online)


  • Personal development

  • Soft skill-building

  • Public speaking

  • Organizing skills

  • Regular practice of SKY Breath Meditation

  • Training in meditation facilitation

  • Assistance of SKY trainers

SKY leaders learn to integrate wellbeing, self-awareness, and social connection into dynamic leadership and service. After completing the program, participants can serve as a resource to university departments, lead breathwork & meditation sessions on campus, and help design and support other related campus initiatives.

SKY Wellness Coach Training

An advanced leadership program that empowers university staff and faculty

(offered on-campus and online)


  • Personal and professional development

  • Incorporation of an inclusive pedagogical style

  • Public speaking 

  • Training in breathwork and meditation facilitation

  • Organizing SKY Wellness Workshops skills

  • Regular practice of SKY Breath Meditation

  • Assistance of SKY trainers and Mentorship

In the SKY Wellness Coach Training, you will become a facilitator of breathwork practices, guided meditation, and short wellness workshops.  You will learn how to guide and facilitate groups of students or faculty & staff through 30-minute to one-hour SKY Wellness Workshops, which include social connection exercises, breathing techniques, mindful awareness, and guided meditation.

You will also train on how to integrate breathing practices or “mindful breaks” into your classroom.  We will dive into different pedagogical styles to engage students in a mindful learning environment. You will be empowered with tools and training to organize Wellness Workshops and engage campus populations for maximum impact.  
Included in this interactive training will be group practice of yoga and SKY Breath Meditation.  We will devote time to strengthen your personal practice, as well as your ability to connect with diverse types of people, through the lens of mindful leadership and wellness.  This training will be led by expert trainers with over 20 years of experience in teaching these practices.

Upcoming Trainings

Certification Trainings
Leadership Training
SKY Wellness Coach
We also have programs for faculty, staff, and administrators.
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