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Young Women Shaping Healthy Minds For All

Our goal is to create a robust support network, that offers mentorship, training, and resources to accelerate young women's solutions to  critical mental health issues. These pressing problems include adolescent wellness, mental health resources, toxic beauty standards, online hate, gender-based violence and beyond.

A nonprofit that works to reduce stress and develop leaders through social emotional learning, evidence-based breath & meditation practices, and service leadership in their SKY Campus and SKY Schools programming.

An organization and community representing 100+ countries, which amplifies the voices of young people by connecting them with resources, partnerships and opportunities at the forefront of global impact.

#COMPLEXion is a documentary with Nina Davaluri, the first South Asian Miss America, that aims to unpack the hegemony of skin color globally and defy toxic beauty standards through raw human stories.

Our Panelists

Works with three orgs -

Our Minds Matter - A student-led movement working toward a day when no teen dies by suicide.

MTV Hidden Healers - The Hidden Healers brings awareness to attainable, affordable and inclusive methods of care.

This is my Brave - Empowers individuals to put their names and faces on their true stories of recovery from mental illness and addiction.

Leeann  Passaro

Cofounder and Director of Operations of  The Hidden Opponent, an accredited nonprofit and advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness for student-athlete mental health. Through advocacy, education, and support, our goal is to end mental health stigma in sports culture. An estimated 92% of colleges don't have adequate mental health support for their athletes.


After a successful career in business, Stephanie has dedicated herself to changing the face of education. She has been working with the Art of Living Foundation and IAHV for the past 20 years, and teaches breath and meditaiton workshops for them, while providing leadership training, structure and support for SKY Campus Happiness on 110+ university campuses across the US.

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Charvi Gangwani

Founded The Amygdala in 2020, whose mission is to foster mental health awareness, empower adolescents with vital skills for emotional well-being, and end the stigma surrounding mental health challenges. We are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive space for young individuals to seek support, connect with others, and access resources that promote mental resilience and positive mental health.

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